Misty Knight

Luke Cage's Girlfriend (played by Skin Diamond)


“Misty” is the stage name (Kara has no idea what her real name is) of Cage’s girlfriend… at least, the “official” girlfriend. She doesn’t live with Cage, but she’s at his apartment frequently enough that she counts as supporting cast for Kara. Misty used to be a NYPD vice cop, but while undercover at a strip club, she realized she could make much more money as an adult entertainer and quit the force. She has extensive contacts in the vice world and the NYPD, which she frequently uses to help Cage on cases. She suspects Cage is cheating on her, and they occasionally have jealous arguments about it, but Misty’s outrage is disingenuous, considering that she cheats on Cage with his business partner, Danny Rand (Iron Fist) as well as with Rand’s girlfriend, Colleen Wing. Neither Rand nor Cage are aware of this last relationship, but Kara is, as the two have hooked up at Cage’s place on occasion. Also, while she likes Cage well enough, never let it be forgot that Knight readily gave up a career as a crimefighter of sorts for the lure of ready cash. Cage attributes to her more of a desire to do good than really exists.

Kara looks at Misty as sort of the “cool aunt,” if the “cool aunt” gave you tips on how to sneak into the house after curfew and occasionally slipped you some weed. Misty likes playing the role, but since she has no maternal instinct whatsoever or nearly as much of a moral compass as Cage tells himself she does, Knight is more likely to lead Kara astray than she is to actually help her.


Misty Knight

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