Malcolm Arnold Duncan

A Role Model for Scott (played by Idris Elba)


Malcolm “Mal” Arnold Duncan is a forty-two year old black male and is Scott’s and William “Bill” Baker, aka Flint Marko, aka the Sandman’s parole officer.

Unknown to Scott (and the general populace), Malcolm (who used to go by just “Mal”) was the hero known as Guardian (the second one). In this world, in much a reflection of the “Young Justice” (television) universe, Mal dated Karen Beecher (whom he later married) in high school and college and became involved with the Teen Titans (or a similar group) back in the 80’s. He has no superpowers of his own, just like Beecher (who used a suit to be the heroine Bumblebee), but was a valuable member of the super community.

Always both bright and practical, Malcolm was Guardian for almost a decade but began to wonder how he could affect his world more than just putting on a suit, eventually deciding to become part of the criminal justice system, not as a cop, but as a parole officer. His connections through various super groups, many members of whom also worked in law enforcement in some capacity, opened avenues to Malcolm that would not have been available otherwise, and at 42, Malcolm is a highly-respected (if not severely underpaid and often unappreciated) parole officer who often works with those with powers who end up on parole for whatever reason.

Malcolm represents, in a way, what Scott can do with his life – be “a hero” not just by “fighting bad guys” but using his knowledge and experience “in the system” and in the world to work to affect real change in others’ lives.


Malcolm Arnold Duncan

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