Luke Cage, aka Power Man

Kara's Guardian (played by Lexington Steele)


Luke Cage is Kara’s guardian – she lives at his apartment. Cage is pretty much as you know him – unjustly imprisoned, experimented on, now a hero and businessman. He’s a good guy, committed to justice and helping the downtrodden, and a steadfast friend. There’s a reason Superman trusted him with his cousin.

However, Cage is also a ladies’ man, and not at all the type of guy who knows how to be or is even interested in being a parent – things Superman did not really know about him (or bother to find out) before leaving Kara in his charge. He sees his job as making sure Kara has a place to live, food to eat, and the other stuff she needs an adult guardian for (school enrollment and so on)… and that’s it. Anything else might make him less “cool,” and also cut into his time for romance.

It is also safe to guess that Superman did not realize that Cage might start taking a more, uh, “adult” interest in Kara as she got older. To be fair, Cage almost certainly didn’t realize that, himself, when he agreed to the arrangement. But puberty has, as far as Luke can tell, hit Kara like a freight train, and she’s also been wandering around the house lately in less and less clothing… Hey, a man can’t help noticing. He’s only human.

Cage has a girlfriend, Misty Knight. He is also creeping with Colleen Wing (cast: Amai Liu), the girlfriend of his partner, Danny Rand (Iron Fist), and occasionally fucking an occasional business partner of his, former superhero and current private detective, Jessica Jones. He juggles all three admirably well, though he likes to screw at home when possible, where he can relax and get high, so Kara is aware of all three.


Luke Cage, aka Power Man

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