Kara Zor-El, aka Karen Sorrell, alias Supergirl


High Concept: Kryptonian Teenager Rebelling Against Her Very Identity
Trouble: One Hit and You’re Hooked
Solace: Girls Just Want to Have Fun

POWER: +5 (Kryptonian, but just a teenager)
PROFILE: +4 (The Big Red “S”)
CONTACTS: +3 (A Friend of Superman’s is a Friend of Mine)
CHARISMA: +1 (Who Needs Charisma When You’re a Cute Girl?)
EMPATHY: +2 (Bullets Can’t Hurt Her, but Harsh Words Can)
FINANCES: -1 (Time for that Old Five-Finger Discount)
SUPPORT: 0 (Why Is Everyone I Know a Criminal?)
MORALE: 0 (Wouldn’t It Be Easier to Let Someone Else Take Charge?)

Other Aspects:

  • My Best Friend is a PK (Anna Marie can get Kara into trouble, but she is also a good friend)
  • No Curfew (Cage gives Kara more freedom than she really should have, but he can also be absent when he’s needed)
  • (Almost) The Last Survivor of Krypton
  • I Only Smoke ‘Cuz It’s “Sophisticated” (Kara can pass for an adult when needed, but she also affects a lot of behaviors to try to look more “grown-up,” and can be easily roped into stuff that she thinks will make her seem more “sophisticated”)

Kara Zor-El, aka Karen Sorrell, alias Supergirl

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