Eddie Brock

Sleazy Photographer for the Daily Bugle (played by Tom Byron)


A sleazy photographer on staff at the Daily Bugle, known for his photos of superheroes (though not as well-known as Peter Parker is for his pictures of Spider-Man, much to Brock’s chagrin), Brock supplements his income on the side by doing photo spreads for adult websites, paying pittances to would-be models and selling their photos to various skin websites. He has an unhealthy fixation on Supergirl, but the two have had few, if any, interactions. Not for lack of trying on Brock’s part, though – he is basically a paparazzi for superheroes, trying to snap not only pictures of them in action, but also to grab candids and even embarrassing shots like up-skirts and so forth. He has few, if any, scruples.

As Kara becomes more flighty and flirty – more “bimbo-esque” – she’ll certainly start doing things like going out in her Supergirl outfit without any panties on… and Brock will certainly get an upskirt shot of her, which will generate controversy. If he had any sense that she would agree to pose for nudes, he would pursue her for that, as well, and as the Pink K takes effect on her, she might agree. In that sense, he embodies one of the dangers for women who put their sexuality out there, front and center – a male who seeks only to commodify and control that sexuality, to objectify the woman and reduce her to her sexuality on his terms, not hers.

But there’s also the possibility that if he becomes Venom, he might pursue her in an altogether less savory and less metaphorical way. In this, he embodies rape culture, which insists that a woman must be either wholly chaste or give up all control over her own sexuality, with nothing in between being acceptable.


Eddie Brock

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