Miles Morales

Gabe's BFF (Played by ?)


Being a new student at a new school is never easy. Being a mutant makes it worse. Gabe didn’t have any friends at PS 119, which is why when Miles approached him in the lunch room one day and extended a hand of friendship, Gabe ditched the loner bad boy mask for a moment, gratefully. At school, they’re pretty inseparable. Each sticking up for the other when bullies rear their heads.

Miles hasn’t confided in Gabe about the changes he’s been going through after he got bitten by a curious spider that crawled out of his Uncle Aaron’s bag. Mainly because he hasn’t wanted to explore what it means. He just wants to be normal. He’s friends with Gabe, in part, because he hopes that maybe through helping Gabe, he can find some help for his own super problems.


Miles Morales

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