Henry "Ted" Grant

Gabe's Uncle (Played by Stephen Lang)


Henry Grant vowed on his baby son’s crib that the child would not grow up afraid of life, and so he encouraged his son in sports and paid for coaching that would have continued into the young man’s college days, except that Ted enlisted in the army when the Vietnam War started. Ted really found himself in war. Found that he had a taste for the adrenaline that comes from risking his life. So when he came home, he had a rough time adjusting to normal life. He discovered an opportunity though when he saved “Socker” Smith from a would-be mugger. The former heavy-weight boxing champ took Ted under his wing. Ted found that boxing did help sublimate some of the anger he was feeling, but it wasn’t enough. Taking up a mask and costume, he became Wildcat.


Henry "Ted" Grant

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