Greer Nelson, aka Tigra

Kara's Super BFF (played by Ashley Greene)


In this universe, Tigra is very similar to a character Cole once played who was named “Cats Eye.” She’s a felinoid, one of the Cat People, who has a charm that allows her to transform into a human. I’ll fill in more detail later, but the short version is that she’s very sensual and, being a Cat Person, does not have the same sensibilities as a human. She also makes a living as a stripper, in her secret ID, though at a considerably higher-class club than the one where Misty Knight works.

Tigra is Kara’s only real friend as a superhero, and she will be a key figure in Kara’s transition out of being Supergirl.

Right now, Tigra has a confidence in herself and her overtly sexual superhero ID (which is rather controversial) that Kara admires a great deal, and as Kara gradually loses her powers as Supergirl and gains her more sexually-oriented power-package (see below, under “Lex Luthor”), she will, at first, be at a loss for how to “make a go of it” as a hero with such an “adult-themed” set of powers. I see Tigra as providing her with encouragement, helping her recognize that she doesn’t have to conform to society’s ideas about how to present and live her sexuality in order to be a good person, much less a good hero. Tigra can help guide Kara in the transition from being Supergirl to being Heartbreaker.

Ironically, since Tigra’s public profile is, in many ways, negative (a lot of parents’ groups point to her as a major example of how superheroes SHOULDN’T act), she’s arguably going to be the best influence on Kara (outside the PCs, potentially).

Tigra and Supergirl haven’t fooled around or anything, yet, but whether they do or don’t (hard to see that not happening, but whatever), Tigra is an example of how someone can embrace a controversial sexual identity without compromising morally. She’s the reverse-image of Misty – Cage sees Misty as a good person when she really is, at best, morally neutral, but while Tigra has a public image as a “bad girl,” she really is genuinely good.


Greer Nelson, aka Tigra

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