Gabriel "Gabe" Drayton


Gabriel “Gabe” Drayton

High Concept: Mutation is a blessing and a curse, so is growing up
“When we’re kids, we’ve got a pretty good grasp of what we’re capable of. How far we can run, how fast, how long. We know how much pressure we can exert on a door to get it to open. We know that we can… shake a friend’s hand and not hurt them. Kiss a girl…. When we become mutants though, that changes overnight. Shoving a door might shatter it. A touch could cripple. And a kiss could kill. You’re afraid of us because you don’t know what we’re capable of? Well, neither do we. And that terrifies us more than you will ever be.”

Gabe is an incredibly powerful mutant but he has no real concept of his limitations or what he’s truly capable of. His mutation has only recently surfaced and it did so during a fight with a school bully that resulted in the bully becoming crippled for life. This has caused Gabe to be terrified of his strength and his mutant powers. He’s afraid of touching anyone or anything lest he destroy them.

When his powers surfaced, Zachary and Imelda Grant-Drayton had a hard time dealing with the trials of not just a mutant son, but a temperamental one that was growing more and more rebellious every day. So Imelda talked to her brother, Ted, hoping that maybe Ted’s military discipline and experience would help whip their son into shape. They had Gabe transferred to public school in New York City and moved him in to live at “Socker’s Gym,” where Ted lives above the gym he manages.

Gabe’s powers are also starting to cultivate the kind of guy he is to some degree. Sleeping around with different girls is kind of the norm for an aspiring musician (and a lot of teens), but his powers combined with the use of MDMA are starting to make it something of a necessity. Because his endurance is well beyond the superhuman and his powers of… ahem, recuperation are seemingly unlimited, he finds that when he has sex with a girl, by the time she’s worn out, he’s barely breaking a sweat. Even if he wanted to try a monogamous relationship, this would leave him incredibly unsatiated all the time and probably lead him to cheating. So instead, he’s starting to adopt the player lifestyle. Having sex with multiple partners, usually a few in one night if he can arrange it.

Trouble: Trail of Destruction
“I read somewhere this Dostoyevsky guy said some bullshit like it’s great to break something from time to time. Yeah…. Fuck him.”

Due to Gabe still learning how to control his powers and his fear of hurting someone causing him to be so tightly wound, he ends up breaking things when he doesn’t mean to and it only gets worse when he’s angry or upset.

Gabe does have a bit of a temper though, which is part of what terrifies him about his strength. Having already left one boy paralyzed from the neck down because Gabe lost his temper, he’s afraid of doing that again to someone. It tends to become a vicious circle is the problem. He runs around stressed about possibly breaking things and hurting people, then when he inevitably does, he gets angry at himself for what could’ve happened and ends up causing more damage as he loses his temper. For those that are afraid of mutants, Gabe is a poster boy for why they should be afraid.

Solace: Sex, Drugs and Rock n’ Roll
“I don’t have a drug problem. I have a problem, and drugs are the solution.”

When Gabe is on MDMA, he is able to function like a normal, horny teenage boy. He doesn’t tear doors off their hinges when he opens them. He doesn’t crush somebody’s hand when he tries to shake it. And he doesn’t cripple a girl when having sex with her. Through taking MDMA, he’s able to find comfort from the crippling fear that is his day-to-day existence.

Personality: Gabe is a seventeen year old boy going through a requisite rebellious phase. So he commits some petty crimes from time to time. Never anything that would harm someone and nothing as major as breaking into a bank or ATM, but more like misdemeanors- shoplifting, vandalism and trespassing. And of course possession of drugs. If he were going to get into serious trouble with the law, it would most likely be because of his use of/dependence on MDMA.

POWER: +5 (Omega Level Mutant with Unknown Potential)
PROFILE: -2 (New Kid in School)
CONTACTS: +0 (Friends in Low Places, few of them useful)
CHARISMA: +3 (Silver-tongued devil)
EMPATHY: +1 (The power of a simple touch has the potential to turn a life around)
FINANCES: +0 (Starving musician)
SUPPORT: +1 (The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for.)
MORALE: -2 (Moody teenager with a shitload of problems)



Gabriel "Gabe" Drayton

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