Felicia Hardy, aka Cat, aka Black Cat

Gabe's Teen Thief Friend (Played by Amber Heard)


Left on the doorstep of the St. Dominic’s orphanage in Queens as a child, Felicia never placed in any families and eventually ran away from the nuns as a teenager and started living on the street, stealing what she had to in order to survive. Over the next few years, she became quite proficient at it, finding an almost innate ability to steal without being caught. She’s started to cultivate a bit of a rep on the streets, but most people know her as Cat or Black Cat, coming from the tattoo on her shoulder.cat.jpg

Recently, Felicia has been gathering her own little gang of thieves, having made friends with Anna Marie about a year ago and then catching Gabe trying to pocket a necklace a few months ago. She started showing them both tips about how to get away with the small crimes.

Unbeknownst to Felicia, she is the daughter of the world-renowned cat burglar Selina Kyle.


Felicia Hardy, aka Cat, aka Black Cat

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