Claudine Peterson

Scott's Starstruck Fan (played by Jenna Fischer)


Claudine Peterson is the store manager at the Lowe’s where Scott works. She, like Scott, is thirty-two years old, and while Scott was on “HeroTeens,” Claudine was a devoted fan. She was president of the local fan club, both for “HeroTeens” and for Jonathan Larkin aka Blazing Lion. And, being a somewhat tomboyish girl who wasn’t very attractive or very smart, Claudine obsessed over Brad Thompson.

Like Scott, Claudine grew up and entered the “real world,” but for her the “real world” consisted of learning to make it on her own – she would never be the beautiful damsel in distress or, more importantly, “Andi Santiago,” “Brad Thompson’s” love interest. She learned to cook, learned how not to take shit, and she turned herself into a capable person (although still an emotional teenager in many ways). And then “Brad Thompson” showed up at her work looking for a job.

Claudine is Scott’s past encapsulated and given form. Like Scott, Claudine is in many ways “two-dimensional,” at least when she’s around Scott. She gave him the job because she wanted to have her “hero” around her (she, also like Scott, never really “grew up” emotionally). She understands that in almost every way Scott, or “Brad” in her mind, depends on her, be it for a job or even for good food. She gets to be both the damsel and the heroine to her hero, and there’s very little she wouldn’t do to make sure the situation remains exactly as it is. Like Scott, Claudine is stuck in Scott’s past. She’s not hideous, she’s a good person, but when she sees Scott she’s suddenly fourteen again. The relationship can’t work, and it will end, most likely badly, but it really is for the best for both her and Scott.


Claudine Peterson

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