Anna Marie

Kara's BFF (played by Anna Paquin)


Anna Marie is a sixteen year old classmate of Kara’s, held back a year and sent by her family in Louisiana to live with relatives in New York after she got into a wide variety of trouble back home.

She is a basically decent person, but she’s definitely a wild child, given to cutting class, illicit sex, and petty theft.

She introduced Kara to smoking, both cigarettes and pot, as well as arranging for a fake ID for Kara (“So we can have more fun!”).

Anna Marie thinks Misty Knight is the greatest, and constantly talks about quitting school, ditching her aunt and uncle, and getting a job as a stripper. Misty laps it up and does nothing to discourage this kind of talk. It’s possible that the only reason Anna hasn’t actually done this yet is that she hasn’t worked out the details.

Anna would never want to hurt anyone, but she’s definitely a “bad girl.”

Unbeknownst to Kara, she’s propositioned Luke Cage, aka Power Man in the recent past. For his part, Cage is still trying to decide whether she was joking… and what he plans to do about it if he decides she’s not.

Anna represents the “horror story” of teenage experimentation – what suburban parents fear their daughters will become if allowed too much independence. But she’s also a real, live person, not just a cautionary tale, with genuine feelings and fears and hopes – she’s got a life, and she’s trying to figure out how to live it. Kara will soon be experiencing something similar, writ larger.


Anna Marie

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