Alexander Luthor, Jr.

The Man With All the Secrets (Played by Jason Statham)


Arguably the most important person in Kara’s life right now, and she’s never even met him. Luthor, appropriately enough, is the man who holds all the secrets, including the secret to what is actually happening to Kara, so it is inevitable that their paths will cross, eventually.

Supposedly the son of deceased industrialist “Lex” Luthor, Alexander is indeed Lex’s biological son. However, about ten years ago, the aging Lex did the unthinkable and transferred his mind into his son’s body, sacrificing his child in order to continue his quest for power (as well as to continue prosecuting his grudge against Superman). Lex, believed dead, was known by Superman and some members of the Avengers to be the mastermind behind numerous criminal enterprises, as well as responsible for the production of various supervillains, but to the public at large he was just a businessman; his son, Alexander, is not known by anyone, even the superhero community, to be a super-criminal, though he is corrupt in a typically businessman-like way.

Lex, in the guise of his son, Alexander, has grown even more warped and bitter. Whether this is a result of the mind transfer or just years of being a terrible person is not clear, but his hatefulness has taken on a new aspect that is specifically misogynistic. Thus, in recent years, his fixation on the “Kryptonian threat” has turned to Supergirl, as she is both more vulnerable than her cousin as well as more available (Superman being usually off-planet and annoyingly resilient in any case). Lex’s latest plan was to send out one of his new battlesuit villains to fight Supergirl, arming him with what he assured the dupe was a form of Kryptonite. It was not – it was, rather, a mystical stone, one of a pair obtained by Lex through unknown means and not completely understood by him. Having experimented with the stones, Lex found that they had an unsavory effect on women, transforming them into bimbo-fied sex objects (a property he used to his advantage and to make money on the black market before he hit on his current plan). Lex hoped that the stone he gave his dupe would dull Supergirl’s mind enough for his thug to capture her; the villain’s ultimate plan was to turn her into a pliable sex slave – a bimbo for him to toy with before he eventually killed her. He was then planning on “leaking” the “Supergirl sex tape” as a way of infuriating and humiliating Superman.

The plan, to his frustration, seems to have failed, and he lost a stone in the debacle. For now, Lex considers the plan a bust and has written it off. However, over time, as obsessed with every detail of Supergirl’s behavior and public appearance as he is, Luthor is sure to notice the changes to Supergirl’s behavior and realize that she must have been affected by the stone after all. What’s more, being a genius, he may eventually realize that Kara’s powers are fading – that she getting weaker and more vulnerable. This will be the cherry on top of the ice cream, as far as he is concerned, and he will be prompted to try and capture her and subject her to intense exposure to the other stone, accelerating her change.

What Luthor didn’t plan on is that the stone has a different effect on women with super-powers. As Kara’s Kryptonian powers fade away to nothing, she will start gaining new powers: the ability to sense people’s desires, to control their emotions, to feed off their lust, and – once she’s been intimate with someone – the ability to read, control, and even reshape their minds. The stone, obviously, has a purpose far beyond Luthor’s understanding, and is, in fact, connected to the goddess Aphrodite (possibly via Eros?). It will eventually transform Kara into a kind of avatar of Lust, making her less human in many ways than she is now. Luthor’s plan was to humiliate her and control her, but if he follows through on this plan, he’ll find himself in deep trouble, because when her transformation is complete, as it surely will be after intense exposure to the remaining stone, Kara will be able to wrap Luthor (and anyone else she sleeps with) around her finger. But then she will be faced with being a whole new person, very different than the person she was and with different priorities in life, and her challenge will be to accept her new self and find a way to be a superhero in a different and very controversial idiom.


Alexander Luthor, Jr.

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